A Message from LSU OMS Alumni Association

The LSU OMS Alumni Association may be gaining some momentum. Mark Deegan has volunteered to help with website development. There was greater interest in the Pearl II course as evidenced by increased attendance. Finally, with Dan Spagnoli at the helm, the department has seen a definite resurgence and vitality. I, personally, am highly encouraged, and we should all support him in any way we can. The future of OMS at LSU hasn’t looked this good in a long time. The current association account at First Citizen’s Bank stands at $2575.58. It is time to ask those who are interested to replenish the funds. Expect an invoice to come this fall, after the summer harvest, both via email as well as regular mail. Please support both the LSU OMS Alumni Association and the JK OMS Foundation. Be a part of a legacy that will be enduring. 

     Thank you,
     Dale J. Misiek, DMD
     President, LSU OMS Alumni Association